Looking for a simpler way to analyze your spending?

Check out the Moneywyn iPhone app!

What is Moneywyn?
An iPhone app that will help to analyze how you are spending the money your earn. You tell it how much, and Moneywyn will help you see if your money is going toward what you need in life or mainly what you just want. Are you living within YOUR needs? Check out the app from the iTunes App Storeand find out!

Who is Moneywyn for?
Anyone who wants to evaluate their money and how they’re spending it. Need a higher level and simpler way to view your finances? This app’s for you!

…living check-to-check? This app’s for you!
…not sure you’re saving enough? Yeah, this app’s for you!
…have 2 iPhones and manage the money with your spouse? This app’s for you!
…want to know how your money is impacted if your spending grows? This app’s for you!